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Think Tank® Wine Company was founded on the idea that producing world-class wine should give back to the environment, not take from it.

Think Tank® Wine Company is dedicated to creating world-class wines from select single-vineyard locations; wines that display both true varietal characteristics and promote environmental stewardship. Think Tank®…Wine Worth Knowing.


Our Values

Our first responsibility is to you, our customers. By promising world-class wines, we recognize that everything we do must be of the highest possible quality. Every aspect of our business from vineyard selection and winemaking to packaging and distribution must meet our high expectations and exceed yours.

As producers, we have a responsibility to give back to the land more than we take from it. We must remain diligent about ways we can continue to produce world-class wines while reducing our carbon footprint.

Our business has an obligation to those that support it. We must be fair and just to our employees and business partners. They must have an opportunity to profit from our success.

Our final obligation is to our owners. If we are successful with these other responsibilities, business will sustain and the owners will realize a fair return.