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WinesOur winemaking techniques are based upon minimal intervention. We "cold-soak" our fruit prior to fermentation to increase the extraction of color and other phenolic compounds from the skins. This cold soak helps emphasize brighter fruit notes and darker color and thereby minimizes the need for additional tannins and enzymes. Because Think Tank® Wines are hand crafted in small barrel-sized lots we have the opportunity to ferment our wines with native yeasts – yeasts which are naturally present on the grapes in the vineyard.

The wines are aged in premium French and American oak barrels from the top coopers selected for their commitment to responsible forestry management. We employ the practice of barrel rotation to ensure that we are using our resources in a responsible manner.

After barrel aging is complete, it is straight to the bottling line. Our wines are never filtered or fined which often can strip a wine of body and color.

Crushpad, our state-of-the-art winery, is centrally located in San Francisco, CA.




Every decision made by Think Tank® is considerate to reducing our carbon footprint. Packaging for Think Tank® Wines, therefore, reflects the very latest in eco-friendly materials:

Glass bottles
Alas…glass. When we made the choice to go with glass, our consolation was knowing that our bottles are made from a minimum of 25% recycled glass and are lighter in weight than many other wine bottles. Please recycle.

Our labels are 100% tree-free. Created from bamboo, a sustainable grass, they are both beautiful and beneficial.


We elect to use natural corks instead of synthetic closures or screw-tops. Cork is a sustainable product, and its positive impact on both the environment and the agricultural economy in Portugal is well documented. We forego the use of tin capsules, opting instead for a small wax dot hand- applied atop each bottle to prevent oxidation in the wine.