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Founder & CEO

GiarraputoMichael A. Giarraputo, a winemaker, wine lover and award-winning marketing professional, founded the Think Tank® Wine Company in 2007. Michael’s career in marketing spans nearly 25 years and began with successful positions at several large advertising agencies in New York City. From here, Michael spent over 17 years at Johnson & Johnson as a Director in the company’s Global Marketing Group where he received numerous awards and recognition including the “Stars of Madison Avenue” (2006) and an Emmy® Awards nomination (2004).

Blessed with an Italian-American heritage, Michael was exposed to the charms of winemaking from a very early age, often helping out with family home winemaking activities. This early involvement sparked a lifelong commitment to wine and winemaking. From the early days as home winemaker in NY State to award-winning amateur (his 2005 Metamorphosis Merlot took home a Silver medal at the 2007 American Wine Society competition), he joined the professional ranks with the launch of Think Tank® and is currently pursuing certification in Winemaking from the University of California at Davis to complete his transformation.

Michael currently resides in bucolic Basking Ridge, New Jersey with his wife, JoAnn, and their two children, Justin and Olivia.

Why Think Tank®?

It was at J&J that Michael learned the business benefits and personal satisfaction of corporate responsibility. Michael has long felt that the conventional wine industry has been slow to embrace the social imperative of sustainable winemaking practices, particularly in the ultra-premium wine category. Empowered by the availability of world-class certified organic varietal grapes and access to a state-of-the-art winemaking facility in San Francisco, CA, the possibility of the Think Tank® Wine Company became a reality in the spring of 2007.

Fittingly, the Italian name “Giarraputo” translates into English as “jar of knowledge”, or in other words, Think Tank®.